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  • The cocoon harvesting season has started in the eastern region

Gündogar sebitde pile ýygymy barha gyzgalaňly häsiýete eýe bolýar


The silkworm breeders of Lebap velayat were among the first in the country to start harvesting silkworm cocoons, which is a testament to the high level of organization of the work in this direction.

This season, the region plans to produce 1,010 tons of this valuable raw material for the textile industry. The silkworm breeders of the Charjew, Sayat and Danev etraps of the velayat, who have pledged to deliver 261, 185.5 and 140 tons of mulberry silkworm cocoons to the country's granaries in 2024, respectively, are particularly successful in this endeavor. At the same time, it should be noted that the silkworm breeders of other etraps of the velayat have been achieving high results year after year.

This season, more than 22,300 contracts were concluded with tenants, to whom 27,650 boxes of silkworm eggs were distributed in a timely manner. The silkworm breeders of the Kerki, Halach, Sayat and Charjew etraps were the first to start the harvest.

All the necessary conditions were created in the region for the proper care of silk cocoons. Experienced tenant silkworm breeders were selected for this responsible work. As a result of the care and comprehensive support of the specialists of the "Lebapwelaýatýüpek" association, a large amount of mulberry silkworm cocoon was produced in the velayat.

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