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  • A record number of sportsmen from different countries take part in the World Kurash Wrestling Championships in Ashgabat

Aşgabatda geçirilýän Kuraş boýunça dünýä çempionatyna dürli ýurtlardan rekord derejede köp türgen gatnaşýar


The geography of the 14th World Kurash Wrestling Championships brought together over 240 athletes from 50 countries in Ashgabat.

Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Mongolia, Kuwait, UAE, India, Iraq, Iran, Colombia, Romania, Mexico - this is just a partial list of countries from which athletes will enter the arena of the Martial Arts Sports Complex of the Olympic Village to compete for the championship title.

The wrestlers of the Turkmenistan national team are serious about winning, as well as representatives of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, where kurash, although it has a slightly different name, is one of the oldest types of national martial arts.

According to tradition, before important starts, the honorary elders of the country blessed our wrestlers for victory. Realizing the special responsibility for performing within their native walls, the Turkmenistan national team is aimed at achieving maximum results.

Continuing intensive training, athletes who arrived from the velayats of the country attended an educational and exciting excursion to the «smart» city of Arkadag.

Inspired by the successes of their native Fatherland, the athletes promised to perform well at the upcoming competitions and bring as many medals as possible to the common treasury of our team.

Numerous fan zones located in different parts of the white marble capital provide athletes with a powerful charge of motivation for new achievements.

An impromptu concert of famous Turkmen pop performers took place at one of these venues. In their performances, the singers praised Turkmenistan as a world-class sports power, wishing the athletes high aspirations, great success and bright victories.

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