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  • Cotton yarn of the Ring brand of Dashoguz textile workers is in great demand

Daşoguzly dokmaçylaryň öndürýän «Ring» belgili pagta ýüplügine isleg uly


The products of the Dashoguz Cotton Spinning Factory of the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan are gaining increasing popularity in the world and domestic textile markets. This is evidenced by the consistent expansion of the range of consumers of its products.

Today, the yarn produced here is exported to such countries as Italy, India, Turkey and many others in accordance with the contracts signed at the commodity and raw materials exchange. Such demand is facilitated by timely fulfillment of contractual obligations by the enterprise and high quality of the cotton yarn produced.

The Ring brand cotton yarn, which the factory specializes in, is particularly demanded in textile production. The Dashoguz factory is capable of producing up to 14.5 thousand tons of strong and environmentally friendly products per year, made from domestic natural plant raw materials. The enterprise is provided with modern equipment from the leading Italian companies such as Marzoli, Savio and Loptex, allowing it to produce cotton yarn at the level of international standards.

Moreover, the high professional qualities of the labor collective, consisting of hundreds of people, allow to successfully cope with the planned goals every year. Today, the task for eleven months has been fulfilled by more than 120%, which enables the factory workers to hope for a successful completion of the work year.

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