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Daşoguzda durmuş düzümleri işjeň ösdürilýär


Products of the domestic textile industry are widely represented in the halls of the «Dokma önümleri söwda merkezi» shopping centre in the city of Dashoguz.

Opened after renovation and re-equipment of the building this fall on Gurbansoltan-eje Street, this shopping center specializes in the sale of products produced by enterprises of the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan.

There is a wide range of products offered to customers. Here you can buy children's clothing, tracksuits, outerwear for adults from famous domestic brands, bed linen, towels and other products.

The further development of urban social infrastructure has become one of the main directions in urban planning activities in Dashoguz. Both public and private structures were successfully involved in the implementation of the planned decisions. For example, the «Tebigat çeşme» pharmacy building, which was put into operation in the fall, can be called an important new building related to social infrastructure. For the convenience of customers, the pharmacy has many windows for the sale of medicines, and the necessary conditions have been created for proper storage of medicines.

The new pharmacy is located close to one of the densely populated areas of the city, which creates additional convenience for residents. It should be noted that the «Tebigat çeşme» pharmacy has its subsidiaries in other velayat of the country.

Among the new buildings opened this year, intended for social, cultural and everyday services for the population and ensuring the sustainable development and functioning of the urban area, are a number of retail outlets and cafes in various parts of the administrative centre of the velayat. Most of them were built on previously empty plots of land.

The construction of residential buildings of various types was also active in the city this year, and the local business community also took a large part in the process of their construction. By the end of the year, a network of private educational institutions appeared in the city; the famous educational centre «Kämil bilim» opened its branch.

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